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32926 7th Avenue, Mission, British Columbia, Canada
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New Covid Info

Massage Therapy in Mission
​Updated Protocols for Covid - 19

Patients must arrive at their appointment with no signs of communicable disease. If they have signs of COVID-19, they are to contact public health at 8-1-1 and arrange to be tested.
Public health authorities are not requiring the use of masks in public indoor settings - they are optional.
Please use hand sanitizer or wash up in restroom upon arriving. 
Physical distancing helps decrease transmission of the novel coronavirus as well as other communicable diseases. Physical distancing of 2 metres/6 feet should be maintained in clinic areas other than the treatment room, as best as possible. 

Whenever possible we encourage patients to arrive unaccompanied unless the patient requires parent/guardian, or needs assistance.
Face Touching Avoidance is to be continued to reduce chances of spreading any communicable disease. Tissues can be used for scratching etc and are available in all our rooms.
Thank you for your cooperation.